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corona virus

Please read before continuing on with your day❤️❤️

First things first my heart goes out to all affected by the virus, may you and your families stay safe during this rough time!! Remember to wash your hands and not be selfish, help those in more need than your self and in general be kind!! Don’t stock pile items like toilet paper at the loss of others, your not the only person who needs supplies!! Protect those older or younger who are more vulnerable than yourself and share around the love. The only way we are going to get through this is if we work together!!

This is a time where people are genuinely likely to panic although there is need to!! If we all stay calm and look after each other we will be able to stop this virus before the spread and affect gets any more severe!! Listen to what your government says and stay inside to prevent corona spreading any further. Don’t be selfish, stay inside and keep yourself and others safe. Be responsible and cough into your elbow, this is an airborne disease so if you stay far away and self isolate yourself it should not spread as fast or severely!! Listen to the health officials as they know what they are doing!!

-kiwi xx




inky State Library Victoria

Thanks Kiwi! Be kind! Wash your hands! Don't touch your face! Be informed from credible sources! Social distance but most of all - be kind. We'll get though this together!

2w ago

Thankyou so much!! We got this!!💙💙

2w ago

In reply to kiwi

A message full of common sense. Although, often many people forget what is just plain common sense!

2w ago

This is such a wonderful and important message! Thank you kiwi for putting it out there. :)

2w ago

So wholesome and nice :)

1w ago